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The rose of Jericho is a plant known for its ability to return to life after many years of dormancy. It is said that the Rose of Jericho brings blessings and good luck when kept in the home. With this plant, I have also provided you with 3 crystals to help aid you in your manifestations! (Rose Quartz (love) /Fluorite (inner peace and Intuitive abilities)/Aventurine (Luck/Wealth)

How to Invoke the Energy of Rose of Jericho


  • Place the plant in a dish (preferably a clear bowl) of water with its roots submerged in the water. Ensure that your bowl is large enough for the plant to open.
  • You can place the bowl containing the Rose of Jericho by your front door to attract prosperity.
  • Allow the plant to open and blossom for a few days (3-4). Once you notice that the water may be getting a little dirty, place one of the crystals or money (depending on what you are trying to manifest) inside the plant, say your mantra and remove it from the water and allow it to go dormant and close back up.
  • Take the remaining water that the plant was in and place it in a mason jar, this water has now been infused with the beautiful energy of the plant itself! You can sprinkle the water along the doorways of your home and business locations as this will bring you wealth and abundance. Put it over your Rose Quartz to manifest love of another or help with self-love, Place the water over money/ the aventurine crystal to bring additional abundance. Place it on the Fluorite to heighten your Intuitive Abilities or use it in whatever you are trying to manifest as well.
  • Once the plant has dried back up and is back in its original form with the crystal/money/offering tucked inside, give thanks again and place the plant back in the water to open back up. Leave this there for another 3-4 days and then you can complete another manifestation.
  • Save the water again as it will be infused with whatever you were manifesting Then you can start the process all over again and again!


Possible Manifestation Prayer

” Thank you the work you’ve done as I put you back to rest

Please aid me with ______________ and help me to manifest!

Blessed be and so it is, Amen (whatever ending you prefer)”


Resurrection Plant/Rose of Jericho Manifestation Kit

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