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Mommy I want to do yoga too!! 🥰💜 Morni

As a child I knew that I was a little different. I loved collecting rocks, being out in nature, climbing and talking to the trees, building forts and looking up at the stars. I felt like there was always something out there that was bigger than me and began to wonder what my purpose was.  I was raised Catholic but never really resonated with what I was being taught. To me I could find God/Divine in nature and in times of stillness or quiet.  I rebelled against things and people that tried to fit me into a box of what I was being told. I am also someone who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, sometimes over simple things.


After years of searching and rebelling,  I finally found the beautiful world of holistic healing. I began to read self help books, listen to some amazing humans and use essential oils. I bought tons of crystals, started to enhance my meditation practice, found Reiki and began to tune in to my Intuition. I knew as a child I had some gifts but I always felt that I should keep them hidden, sometimes even as an adult I find some fear about sharing my gifts with people that may not understand or believe in all of this. Learning about all of these amazing holistic tools, I finally felt like I was home. I began to practice Yoga more and really began transforming my life.


I know that I have been placed on this planet to help others realize the amazingness of who they are. We are Spiritual beings having a Human Experience and I want to help others connect to these beautiful modalities. I want to help teach people how you can use these tools in your everyday life.  I want to teach people that there is something bigger than us that is helping guide us on this human journey.


We all have the ability to hone into our intuition, it just takes practice. Join m today on this amazing healing journey, let me help guide you back to what is already deep within you. Let me help you through this human experience! 

Love, Light and Many Blessings


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